Rest of Us
Leena Kela
Kino-Poikilo 1 February – 28 April 2024 Kino-Poikilo

A video trilogy by Leena Kela and videographer Jussi Virkkumaa captures performances exploring the time after humans. The video series asks questions about the future of the Earth. How do we act when our planet is in a crisis? How much time do we have left? What will remain of us? The video trilogy Rest of Us consists of There Is No Planet B (2020), Rest of Time (2021) and If You Fall, We Will Fall Too (2022).

Leena Kela is a performance artist whose artistic work and research explore the dialogue of corporeality and materiality in performance art. Her performances and video art play with our relationship with everyday objects and phenomena. Kela has appeared in exhibitions and numerous performance art festivals both in Finland and abroad.

The works in this exhibition have received support from the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

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Leena Kela, There is no Planet B, 2020, Photo Jussi Virkkumaa.

Updated 1.2.2024