Whirls and Currents
Jenni Tieaho
23 May – 1 September 2024 Poikilo Art Museum

Jenni Tieaho draws inspiration for her art from Finnish mythology and forest folklore. Around these themes she builds or shapes sculptures, installations and environmental art. Central to Tieaho’s art is the use of natural materials such as willow, birch bark, wood and various plant parts, as well as steel. Consequently, collecting the material, drying it and storing it before the creative process is also an essential part of her work.

Time is a significant element in Tieaho’s art. She creates her artwork in tune with the seasons. Each piece of art has its life cycle, and sometimes, over time, the artwork decomposes and returns to the nature and cycle of life. Creating the works of art is time-consuming and requires craftsmanship. Tieaho gives her woven pieces a unique shape; a tapestry of flowing lines and swirls of memory and memories. She reminds us that we are not separate from nature and the energy flowing in all natural materials; instead, we are part of this energy and of the endless, comforting stream of time.

Jenni Tieaho took studies preparing for the profession of contemporary artist at the Art School Maa between 1995 and 1999. She has participated in numerous collective art exhibitions since 1997 and held solo exhibitions since 2000. Tieaho’s works are included in the collections of the State of Finland, the City of Helsinki, EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, the Finnish Art Society and the Saastamoinen Foundation.

The exhibition has received a government grant from the Finnish Heritage Agency. It is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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Jenni Tieaho, Myrrys 3, 2023, Photo Tomi Pohja.

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