The Poikilo Museums comprise Kouvola Art Museum and City Museum, Kouta Gallery, Poikilo Gallery, Kino Poikilo and the Museum Shop, all located in Kouvola talo.

The story of Poikilo is reflected in the wooden Poikilo mascot, created by artist Pekka Nissinen. The Poikilo mascot represents a happy exchange, love and joy.

Visitors are led to the City Museum’s exhibitions by The River, a superb media work by the internationally esteemed artist Charles Sandison. The history of Kouvola flows in the River as images, signs and words. Seeing and experiencing this work is in itself worth a visit to the museum.

The Kymi River is a central element for the people of Kouvola. It is a force behind Kouvola’s experiences and stories from the beginning of time up until the present day.

Updated 5.3.2020