Artist of Kouvola City Eeva-Liisa Puhakka

Memory, time and space, the relationship of humans and animals
and their coexistence all feature in various ways in Eeva-Liisa Puhakka’s works. Her family background and home are clearly visible
in her themes: Old machinery and equipment, vacated buildings
of the countryside, the relationship between old and new work,
the memory of places and the religious sects of the neighbouring

Her works are narrative and spatial. In the recent years
Puhakka has mainly been working with installations and kinetic
sculptures. She wants the viewer to feel, hear and smell the work
of art, not just look at it. We all have at least five senses. It is important to Puhakka to combine the digital and physical world.

Eeva-Liisa Puhakka has been named the Artist of Kouvola
city 2020–2022. The exhibition features installations, sculptures,
photographs, kinetic sculptures and works incorporating sound
and smell.

Updated 1.8.2022