2 February – 29 April 2023 Art Museum Poikilo
Überhund puts dogs in the main role and makes them the focus of attention.

Visual arts feature a surprising number of portrayals of dogs, but as subjects dogs are often so everyday and ordinary that we may not really notice them. Überhund puts dogs in the main role and makes them the focus of attention. It also tells about the long history humans and dogs share as species and about the unique bond between us and dogs.

Art portraying dogs has traditionally been associated with attributes such as protection, loyalty, companionship, assistance, and cuteness. The exhibition also calls attention to the challenges of the shared existence of humans and dogs. It asks questions such as ‘How do we view dogs?’ and ‘What is our relationship with animals like?’ Überhund also takes a look at the political roles assigned to dogs and at the controversial aspects of the ethics of dog breeding. On the other hand, the exhibition also revels in the materiality of the art works.

In autumn 2022, the Überhund – Fascinating Dogs in Art exhibition was displayed at the Salo Art Museum Veturitalli. It is curated by Museum Director Susanna Luojus. After Poikilo Art Museum, the exhibition will move on to art museums in Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, and Kuopio.

For the safety of the artwork, pets are not allowed in the exhibition. Assistance dogs on duty are welcome.”

Elina Ruohonen, Try me, 2010, oil on acrylic board. State Art Deposit Collection, Finnish National Gallery. Photograph: Museokuva.

Updated 30.5.2023