Mika Honkalinna, Camera Club Kouvola, The Association of Finnish Camera Clubs
22 may - 28 august 2022

Suomaa, a photography project by Mika Honkalinna, focuses on the great bogs of Finland, which are among the most original and the most pristine Finnish natural environments. The photographs portray the rich, diverse nature of the bogs, and their breath-taking beauty as seen from the bird’s-eye-view.

Kouvola Camera Club celebrates
its 70-year existence with an anniversary exhibition at the Poikilo Art Museum. The majority of photographs at the exhibition were taken during the last five years.

This year, the annual exhibition of the Association of Finnish Camera Clubs is organized in the Poikilo Art Museum.

The Associationof Finnish Camera Clubs also has a cause for celebration, as the association was founded 90 years ago to function as the national umbrella organisation for photography enthusiasts. The association promotes photography for example by organizing training events,
seminars, and exhibitions. The annual exhibition features both photographic prints and photographs on digital displays.

The Embassy of Japan in Finland and the Association of Finnish Camera Clubs organize in 2022 an international photography exhibition with the theme A Finnish and Japanese Friendship, which celebrates the 230 years of friendship between the Finnish and the Japanese people. The exhibition features 15 documentary
photographs by Finnish and Japanese photographers, chosen through a competition in early 2022.

Updated 30.5.2023