Manors of Kouvola
28.11.2019 - 10.10.2021

This exhibition for the whole family takes visitors into the world of the manors of Kouvola.
Over twenty manors, with their own intriguing histories and stories, can be found in the present-day Kouvola area. The exhibition will provide a glimpse of daily life and festivities at the manor houses, and of noble families and the histories of important buildings through four centuries. Manors in Kouvola have their historical roots in the fiefs granted to the nobility in the 17th century. Many new developments, such as the French drain, potato and telephone were introduced in the manors. The wars fought between Sweden and Russia are interconnected with the Kymijoki river, which was a border river, and thereby with the history of local manor houses. As well as these wars, the manors were the scene of conflicts between the upper classes and peasantry throughout the ages.

Jacobina Charlotta Munsterhjelm, an 18th century lady of the Hämeenkylä manor, will guide child visitors to the exhibition. Children can raise a flag on the flagpole, pack a suitcase, or use a hand cranked butter churn in the kitchen. The inspiration for the children’s tour is the actual diary of Jacobina Charlotta, in which she tells about the life of her family. The exhibition also has a play area in which children can enjoy crafts and old-time games.

The exhibition will display Alexander Reichstein’s light art and manor-house ghost stories until the end of May. From August, it will feature a dramatized multimedia presentation telling the story of Per af Forselles’ family, lords of the Peippola manor in the 19th century.

Updated 1.8.2022