Flora Favola - Kreetta Järvenpää ja Heikki Marila
21 September 2023 – 7 January 2024 Art Museum Poikilo
Flower-themed works

The Flora Favola exhibition brings together two artists known for their flower-themed works. Kreetta Järvenpää is a photographer and storyteller whose unreal, fairy-tale-lush flower pieces keep with the tradition of authentic, slightly surreal yet compositionally refinedstill-lifes. For her most recent images, Järvenpää has photographed individual flowers and their various stages of wilting. In addition to photographs, the exhibition also features installations.

Heikki Marila is known for his large-scale oil paintings and intensive themes. In 2012, Marila won the Carnegie Art Award first prize for his expressive, luscious flower pieces. His dark-hued paintings, reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch and Flemish flower pieces, are complex both in their substance and in their materiality. The thick layers of paint and the process of painting with hands are central features. The paintings in the exhibition are on loan from collections of Finnish museums and foundations.

Kreetta Järvenpää, Flora Favola, 2022, photograph. Photograph: Kreetta Järvenpää.

Updated 24.1.2024