Axel Antas: Nothing is made, nothing disappears
24 May – 27 August 2023 Art Museum Poikilo
The exhibition features photographs, drawings, sculptures, and videos.

The name of the exhibition refers to the idea of time being fragile and everything that exists being in a constant state of change. Antas examines the concept of time, inspired by the fact that people’s relationship with time seems to be undergoing a transformation. At the same time, the themes of the exhibition are related to nature and environment. These are subjects Antas has been working with for his entire career. As Antas examines our relationship with nature, he also observes how we are becoming alienated from it.

In this overall picture, time plays a central role: the nature of Antas’s works is timeless; the Exhibition Calendar 2023importance and topicality of the issues covered are related to the current state of Earth’s climate and its future.

Axel Antas graduated from Goldsmith’s College in London in 2000. After several years in London, he returned to Finland in 2013. Antas is a multidisciplinary artist who uses many different techniques. He is intrigued by the mixing combination of traditional techniques with and more modern ones.

The exhibition features photographs, drawings, sculptures, and videos, mainly from the last two years.
Since 2000, Antas’s work has been displayed in numerous solo and joint exhibitions, and his works are featured in many important Finnish and international collections.

Axel Antas, Still Life (Inertia Geometry), 2023. Photograph: Axel Antas

Updated 24.1.2024