Along With - Kouvola artists’ society Kouta ry’s 10-year exhibition

The artists’ society of Kouvola, Kouta ry, will celebrate its 10-year anniversary throughout the Poikilo Art Museum. The Myötä exhibition provides a fascinating overview of the latest work by members of the artists’ society. A total of 33 artists, broadly representing various disciplines, will participate in the joint exhibition.

The name of the exhibition, Myötä (Along With), evokes the idea of sympathy. It emphasizes doing and achieving things together, and striving in the same direction. The name also refers to the river that flows through the city, the Kymijoki, and the dialect spoken in Kymenlaakso. It is expressive of the joint exhibition, the communal spirit of the artists, and the empathic way in which they experience the world.

Video day, Kino Poikilo will show video art by Kouta ry members at 12:00 noon on Saturday, February 29.
A more detailed schedule for the day will be announced later

Updated 27.2.2020